Vocal Coaching

Vocal Coaching

Do you love to sing?
Would you like to learn how?
Do you need help with your vocals?


I’m a qualified vocal coach and have helped singers from beginners to full time professionals develop their performance, technique, tone, and learn how to choose their repertoire. 

I’ve been a professional singer, recording artist and top 10 songwriter, a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy.  I integrate these skills with my passion for teaching and helping others fulfil their potential.

Learn how to:

  • Free your natural voice
  • Rediscover your uniqueness
  • Master essential techniques

Now, vocal coaching is available on Skype which means it is more accessible for students living outside the Sydney metro area. To book an appointment, contact me.

Justine is gentle, encouraging, nourishing, and extremely professional.
Caz Lederman
Justine unlocked something that freed my voice like nothing before.
Laiyee Leong
The most congruent approach to the princpal of ‘if you can speak you can sing’.
Brent Thorpe
Her classes are fun. She makes learning easy.
Lisa Peers


As a shy, inhibited teenager I was at first reluctant to obtain singing training, content instead to focus my attention on becoming an instrumentalist and trying not to damage my voice. Finally, at the suggestion of my elder sister, I began working with Justine. Tentatively, I became more and more comfortable within myself, and slowly but surely, Justine began to bring out the best in me as a singer and a songwriter. Her ability to adjust her temperament and method in order to accommodate her students is, I feel, unparalleled.

Her warmth, enthusiasm and marvellous musical gifts are as reassuring as they are motivating.

Justine’s ability to connect with people, in conjunction with her talent and capacity to teach basic, intermediate and advanced vocal techniques in multiple styles enabled me to see greater potential within myself as a singer/songwriter, eliminate the negative habits doing harm to my voice, and feel more confidence in who I am. I would recommend Justine to anyone and everyone seeking vocal training and mentorship.

Dave Le Aupepe

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