I am a  Scenar Practitioner (Level 2), a Master Practitioner of NLP, Timeline Therapy and Eriksonian Therapy

Healing with Sound: I have created the CDs ‘InnerSense’,  ‘Soulscape’ and ‘Gifts From the Unknown’ with a focus on the healing aspect of music, using algorithms and specific tempos for maximum relaxation/revivification assistance.

These CDs are specifically created to utilize both improvised and structured music to assist and promote deep relaxation, meditation and healing. They have been used for regular relaxation during illness, pregnancy, in hundreds of prenatal routines, birthings and then to settle the baby after delivery when the infant requires calming.

When utilized by the mother-to-be on a regular basis to promote relaxation during pregnancy, the baby will also develop a familiarity with the music, and can then respond to the soothing and calming properties generated by the music. These CDs can also be utilized as a general healing and relaxation aid.

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