About Justine

About Justine

I am a musician, singer, songwriter, vocal teacher, voice coach, choir director, healer, creative artist etc. Did someone just call me a ‘Rennaisance Woman’?

Music has been a pivotal force in my life, as I grew up hearing my parents playing, rehearsing and teaching. It has been my great fortune to be blessed with a deep desire for creative expression which is deeply satisfied by music. This continues to be a life-long journey of discovery and inspiration and I have, on many occasions been utterly grateful to my parents for introducing me to this path. For many generations, my family has been involved with music in one form or another.

I enjoy so many differing styles of music, … World, Soul, Classical, R&B, Jazz, etc, and am constantly delighted with new discoveries. We are so fortunate to have access to such diversity in these times, and much can be learned from astute listening.

For a while I was signed to a publishing company, but I found many aspects of the industry to be creatively stifling and once my advance was recouped, I severed my connection.

I remember a conversation with my (then) publisher, when I had just presented him with a swathe of songs composed in the wake of a tumultuous break-up. I told him I couldn’t understand how people without a creative outlet could cope with such times and he said “Dont you understand? That’s YOUR job! You write the songs with which they can identify when they are in a similar position!”