I really loved the whole album. Uplifting. - Randy Brecker

'Ms.Bradley sure can sing...soulful...a winner' - John Shand, SMH

About Justine

I am a musician, singer, songwriter, vocal teacher, voice coach, choir director, healer, creative artist etc. Did someone just call me a ‘Rennaisance Woman’?

Music has been a pivotal force in my life, as I grew up hearing my parents playing, rehearsing and teaching. It has been my great fortune to be blessed with a deep desire for creative expression which is deeply satisfied by music. This continues to be a life-long journey of discovery and inspiration and I have, on many occasions been utterly grateful to my parents for introducing me to this path. For many generations, my family has been involved with music in one form or another.

I enjoy so many differing styles of music, … World, Soul, Classical, R&B, Jazz, etc, and am constantly delighted with new discoveries. We are so fortunate to have access to such diversity in these times, and much can be learned from astute listening.

For a while I was signed to a publishing company, but I found many aspects of the industry to be creatively stifling and once my advance was recouped, I severed my connection.

I remember a conversation with my (then) publisher, when I had just presented him with a swathe of songs composed in the wake of a tumultuous break-up. I told him I couldn’t understand how people without a creative outlet could cope with such times and he said “Dont you understand? That’s YOUR job! You write the songs with which they can identify when they are in a similar position!”

Sound Sculptures

Sound Sculptures

These developed from a range of precision tuned windchimes (Hidden Valley Instruments) which I produced in the 80s, designed sourcing musical scales from founding civilizations of humanity; Japanese, Chinese, Egyptian, Balinese, Sumerian, Tibetan, and Grecian.

The Glass sculptures were slumped in a kiln, and then sandblasted, fused, drilled and strung with anodised aluminium.

They were displayed at the Craft Arts Centre in Sydney’s Rocks, various high-end Art Shows (Australian Craft/Arts Fairs, Gleneon Craft Shows) including a feature at the Queen Victoria Building’s Christmas Tree display.

Gloria Estafan was presented with one of my Sound Sculptures as a gift from her record company, when she was touring Australia.

Leather Sculptures

Leather Sculptures

These were created by wet-moulding leather over a sculpted shape (either in plaster or fired clay), then stained or painted. The sculptures range in size from 7 cm to 1.3 metres. Each mask is bespoke.

The inspiration to create these came initially from a design idea I had for a fashion show and quickly morphed into an artistic expression, commencing with representations of ancient Deities and branching out from there.

I designed the costumes for Lindsay Kemp’s ‘Salome’ in the late 70s, and drew on Gustav Klimpt and Hundertvasser for decorative ideas. These ideas were later reflected in the decoration of some of these masks.

If you can dream, you can do anything. - Justine Bradley Learn More